Oldfield Village

Oldfield Village is a combination of duplexes and mostly single family homes built in 2002-2006. The site is set on 15 quiet acres, surrounded by fields and homes, and is accessed by a private drive. It is located on Barney Oldfield Drive, on the West side of Ottokee Street, about 1-½ miles directly south from the Turnpike or ½ mile South of Airport Highway.

All of the rental units have high efficiency gas heat, central air and heat, range, refrigerator, built in dishwasher, disposal, washer dryer hookup private yard, patio or deck. This is the best rental housing available in the Wauseon area. Houses range in price from $709 to $999 monthly. 960 ft² duplexes are $659 and 1080 ft² duplexes $719. Units have high efficiency gas heat, central air and heat, range, refrigerator, built in dishwasher, disposal, washer/dryer hookup, private yard, and either a patio or deck. Pets are allowed in all homes; however, please check the restrictions and additional fee listed in the pet addendum. Refuse is included in the monthly rent. Check the table below for all the features at Oldfield Village.

This neighborhood is designed to accommodate families and retirees alike. Nestled off any main roads, the streets in the village are all 15 miles an hour with speed bumps so children can ride their bikes and you can take walks in safety. At the heart of the complex is a playground. On the north side is a half soccer field and half basketball court.

Approx. Sq. Ft.
Washer & Dryer
Central Air & Heat
Air Conditioning
Water Incl.
Garbage Incl.
Electric Incl.
Heat Incl.
Gas Heat
Extra Storage
Balcony, Deck, Patio
Private Yard
Private Drive
Single Level
Dwelling Type
1121, 311Oldfield Village$81911003YYYYH/UYYYY5BPY2YesYHouse
303 (wheelchair accessible)Oldfield Village$88913753YYYYYYYYY4BPY2YesYHouse
307, 309 (special needs)Oldfield Village$101913753YYYYYYYYY3BPY2YesYHouse
313Oldfield Village$114914753YYYYH/UYYYY3BPY1YesYHouse
300, 304, 308, 312Oldfield Village$89910802YYYYH/UYYYY4BPY1YesYDuplex
302, 1138Oldfield Village$7499602YYYYH/UYYYY4BPY1YesYDuplex
394, 398 JoannaOldfield Village$85911503YYYYH/UYYYY6DY1YesYDuplex
336, 344Oldfield Village$134913753YYYYH/UYYYY4DPYYY2YesYDuplex
1088,1092,1096,1097,1100Oldfield Village$95911603YYYYH/UYYYY4DPY2YesYHouse
338, 1081, 1084Oldfield Village$95910503YYYYH/UYYYY3DPY2YesYHouse
332, 340, 348, 352Oldfield Village$126913752YYYYH/UYYYY3DPYYY2YesYDuplex
315, 319Oldfield Village$101913203YYYYH/UYYYY5BPYY2YesYDuplex
345, 355, 365, 375Oldfield Village$116912603YYYYH/UYYYY5BPYYY2YesYDuplex
305, 324, 328 BarbaraOldfield Village$102914754YYYYH/UYYYY6BPY2YesYHouse
402 JoannaOldfield Village$95914753YYYYH/UYYYY6BPY2YesYHouse
1125 Barney OldfieldOldfield Village$81911002YYYYH/UYYYY4BPY2YesYHouse
326, 330Oldfield Village$122912603YYYYH/UYYYY5BPYYY2YesYDuplex
323, 327, 329, 331, 335Oldfield Village$92911603YYYYH/UYYYYDPY2YesYHouse
318, 322Oldfield Village$133913203YYYYH/UYYYY5BPYYY2YesYDuplex
339, 341, 385Oldfield Village$91911603YYYYH/UYYYY4BPY2YesYHouse
1104-1138 302, 6, 10, 14Oldfield Village$9299602YYYYH/UYYYY4BPY1YesYHouse
346, 354, 362, 370,378, 386, 390, 1085, 1089, 1093Oldfield Village$103911603YYYYH/UYYYY4BPY2YesYHouse
317Oldfield Village$82910503YYYYH/UYYYY3BPY2YesYHouse
208Oldfield Village$126913753YYYYH/UYYYY3BPYY2YesYHouse
212 Barney Oldfield Dr. - Full basementOldfield Village$139914703YYYYH/UYYYY6BBP2YY2YY